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RMS Titanic was a British passenger ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The ship was considered to be unsinkable at the time, but the collision caused it to sink in less than three hours, resulting in the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers and crew. The disaster is one of the most famous and well-known maritime disasters in history.

The Titanic was owned by the White Star Line and was the largest ship of its time. It was 882 feet long and had a gross tonnage of 46,328. The ship was fitted with all the latest amenities and luxuries, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, libraries, and opulent staterooms.

The ship set sail from Southampton on April 10, 1912, with stops in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown (now known as Cobh), Ireland before heading across the Atlantic to New York. On the night of April 14, the Titanic struck an iceberg and began taking on water. Despite the crew's efforts to keep the ship afloat, it eventually sank in the early hours of April 15.

Many of the lifeboats on board the Titanic were not filled to capacity, and there were not enough lifeboats for all of the passengers and crew. The crew also did not have enough time to properly prepare for the evacuation of the ship. As a result, many people were left stranded on the sinking ship and did not survive.

The disaster had a profound impact on the world and led to significant changes in maritime safety regulations. The tragedy also inspired numerous books, films, and other works of art, making it one of the most well-known and studied events in history.

The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985 by a team of oceanographers led by Robert Ballard and it has been extensively studied and explored since. The wreckage is located at a depth of about 12,500 feet and is considered a grave site, the salvaging or removal of artifacts is prohibited by law.


Парикмахерские ножницы Titan, 6 дюймов, из нержавеющей стали 3176.04 2287.07  (~py6  ) +detail

Titan Бесплатная доставка Профессиональные ножницы для волос 5,5 дюймов 6,0 дюймов Парикмахерские ножницы для резки Истончение Ножницы 3032.40 1758.79  (~py6  ) +detail

Titan Профессиональные Парикмахерские ножницы для филировки парикмахерские инструменты Ножницы Набор Новый 3176.04 2287.07  (~py6  ) +detail

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2022 шт., Детский конструктор «круизный лайнер» 8164.34 5306.70  (~py6  ) +detail

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4 шт./1 комплект, детские костюмы на Хэллоуин, 3-10 лет 1800.29 1422.04  (~py6  ) +detail

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цепочка на шею женская бижутерия подвеска на шею ожерелье подарок на 8 марта кулоны и подвески бижутерия 2022 Женское ожерелье с подвеской в в... 192.61 84.80  (~py6  ) +detail

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9090 шт. 10294 фильм Титаник большой круизный лайнер корабль пароход модель корабля Кирпичи Строительные блоки Diy игрушки для детей мальчиков по... 33595.80 20157.48  (~py6  ) +detail

Кубики WM WM6148 «атака на Титанов», аниме Мультяшные кирпичи, мини Экшн-фигурки, строительные блоки Erem Jaeger Armin Levi Mikasa doll 84.59 63.04  (~py6  ) +detail

Плетеный кожаный браслет с подвесками из аниме «Атака Титанов», детектив тёмного дворецкого Конан дота 2 79.80 47.88  (~py6  ) +detail

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4 шт./комплект, женский ювелирный комплект из колье и сердца 663.94 398.20  (~py6  ) +detail

Заколка Для лацканов из эпоксидной смолы, акриловая булавка с изображением персонажа из аниме «атака на Титанов», модные украшения, аксессу... 112.52 79.00  (~py6  ) +detail

Ожерелье Titanic Heart of the Sea,Женское ожерелье с подвеской в виде сердца,Новинка 2021, Женское ожерелье с кулоном из синего кристалла и стразами,Вечн... 142.04 65.44  (~py6  ) +detail

Женское ожерелье с подвеской с голубым сердцем и вечными сумками 231.42 231.42  (~py6  ) +detail

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